Blemishes – BE GONE!

So, you’ve tried near enough EVERY behind the counter remedy for spots there is, changed your diet, drank H2O for a couple of days solid, experimented with home remedies, and STILL your skin remains… well, icky. I suffered with acne near enough all of my teenage years, and I still get out breaks. However, I did find a solution that works pretty well for me, unlike the many treatment creams I bought, that just left my skin feeling very dry and flaky looking (Imagine a reptile shredding its skin, something along them lines).


First things first, you will need PATIENCE. As much as you want a remedy that will just immediately vanish your blemishes, that’s not going happen. These things take time! – Patience is a virtue, so I hear.


Now you have patience, you need… WATER! H2O! that clear liquid that leaks from the tap, yes, that! It is surprisingly very essential and very effective for clearing your pores. I remember people telling me this all the time “You should drink water, religiously”, I used to think “I don’t do anything religiously, I have no routine what so ever”, but *sigh* it is true, water really does work, I promise. It may not taste like your Dr.pepper, but hey, what’s the worst that can happen!? Try drinking nothing but water for 1 week straight; the results will speak for themselves.

facial steamer

OK, so now you have patience and water. The next thing I found to be very useful for clearing skin, is a face steamer. It opens up your pores and allows your face to “breath”, it’s also very relaxing and calming, which is also pretty important for clearing away blemishes. I usually cook my face for about 10-15 minutes, this allows enough time for your pores to open up; freeing any trapped dirt or gunk. If you don’t have a face steamer, they are reasonably priced on Amazon –


Lastly, face mask. Using a good old face mask, to draw out your impurities is the best way (for me anyway) to finish your regime. Put your feet up, cucumber on your eyes and relax; sometimes stress can play a massive part in causing blemishes, so using a regime that is stress-free, is a must! I’m a big fan of – Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off Mask – Manuka Honey & Jasmine, sold at Asda. It leaves my skins feeling soft and is so simple to peel off!

Always remember to take your make-up before you sleep, cleanse your face using warm water and do not touch your face! (That means no squeezing!)

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