Started from the bottom, now he’s… HIRING!

The guy who once upon a time, made a living by sitting guests at tables, at American-themed restaurant – TGI Fridays; now goes by the name “C.V. Man”, after receiving an overwhelming response from well-known companies across the world, all begging him to join their companies! How did Alfred Ajani manage this? Simply standing outside Waterloo station late last August, holding a piece of paper that read what Fred had to offer; people soon began to take snaps of Fred posting them online and then before he knew it, Fred was trending on Twitter – the online world is your oyster!

Same Fred, same packed solid station, different sign. This year the Marketing project and PR manager, for Asoria Group has returned to Waterloo; this time, ready to recruit for his own team! That’s right, Fred’s seeking 20 new consultants to work across three different departments with-in the company; digital, property and renewable energy. Just shows how a little determination can go a long way, literally… Companies in Barcelona were trying to recruit Fred! But he found happiness at The Asoria Group, since joining the team Fred has said ” I love it, it’s the best thing I’ve done with my life.”

If you fancy yourself as a hard working, bubbly, determined individual then reach Fred on twitter through direct message “@Fr3dsantana”, you never know!

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