Party Holiday: A Mini Insight

The recent bad press that ‘party’ island holidays have received had me thinking that going on a girly getaway could only end badly. However, after returning from the beautiful Greek Island – Zakynthos, I found that party holidays are not all bad after all (this isn’t just down to the cheap shots either!).
In fact, I found that these kinds of holidays more often than not ignite your inner voyager. I know after I returned (even though it was only a 7-day trip) I was only more intrigued to know what else is out there, and what else I could experience without the supervision of parents.
So why is girls holiday a must? Well, let me explain…
INDEPENDENCE: Whilst abroad you are more a less living on your own ( apart from the group of rowdy friends you brought with you). This means you have to learn how to budget throughout the duration of your holiday ( a lot harder than you would think!). All those BOGOF deals add up, and if you are not careful you could end up broke before the holiday has even begun. You will most definitely learn the importance of budgeting your money or you will pay the harsh consequences of having to live off tap water and cheese sandwiches for the rest of the week!

YOU’RE A GROWN UP: That’s right you are an adult and a good one at that. After making your money stretch the week and managing to some how come home in one piece, you will realise that you are not THAT incompetent. You can, in fact, remember to put sun cream on before heading out for a fun-filled day at the beach! Well done.

AMBITION: No doubt that crazy holiday you have just experienced will make you realise that whatever City/Town you are from is just not enough for you. Now, have the desire to travel, you will want to see what else is out there and what other beneficial experiences you could become a part of. ‘Gap 360’ and ‘STA Travel’ offer some great deals on long/short haul experiences, if you wish to do something productive with your summer, check them out!

HYGIENE: Although most hotels have maids to help maintain your rooms tidiness, they are not miracle workers. You will have to be prepared to actually pick up after yourself.

ORGANISATION: If you are not already an organised individual you will soon learn to be. The harsh reality of not being able to find that cute sequin playsuit you brought because of the mountains of jumbled clothes, can be hard to deal with ( them complementary hangers can work wonders).

YOU’RE HUMAN: That awkward moment you realise you’re human and cannot consume pint after pint without passing out. Yes, believe it or not, you will soon come to terms with the fact drinking until you pass out is actually not that fun. You will realise your limit and learn not to drink beyond it. After all, who travels 3,106.4 km to spend the day in bed?
Of course, these kinds of holidays have a different impact on everyone. Whether your epiphany is that –  you are ready to fly the nest or you never want to leave your parents again. You have still come away from the experience with knowledge you did not have before, which is always good.

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