The Female Takeover – 8EYEZ

To help commemorate International Women’s day, 8EYEZ hosted a female empowerment event (GO GIRLS!). From Spoken Word poets to Dancers, emerging talent was oozing from every corner of the stage.

The ‘opinion game’ certainly sparked conversation.

Held at the Community Arts club – Rich mix situated in Bethnal Green; from start to finish each performance was none other than inspiring. Hosts Flower Child & Shanny, were uniquely engaging throughout the show, offering attendees the opportunity to speak their opinions, dance on stage between intervals and take part in ‘controversial’ quizzes that got the audience    Talking!

Host: (Left) Flower Child and Shanny.

One of the many talents that graced the stage, was Spoken word artist – JAE POET. Jae introduced the audience to her form of Spoken word, which she called ‘Moetry’ (that’s music & poetry mashed together, FYI). Jae performed a beautiful piece titled “Melanin”, with uplifting lyrics celebrating her skin colour. For sure, Jae undeniably filled the space with positive vibes only. Check out her sound –

Singer Jadeoua

on stage at the Female Takeover event.Other amazing performers included – Singer Ka’reema (@reemzoffical) Dance group – Flexy Squad (@flexncoentltd) Singer – Jadeoua (@jadeoua) + many more.

Keep an eye on the 8EYEZ Twitter page for more info on upcoming events you won’t want to miss!

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